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Ear Lobe Correction in Gota, Ahmedabad

How Does Ear Lobe Correction Work?

A reconstructive surgery known as "ear lobe correction" is a minimally invasive treatment used to treat earlobes that are split, ripped, torn, sagging, stretched-out, or abnormally large. One of the most frequent operations carried out by facial cosmetic surgeons. Earlobes are prone to breaking or becoming longer over time because they are flexible and malleable—they are primarily made of skin and fat and lack cartilage.

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The type of surgery necessary for an earlobe repair, which is an outpatient procedure, mostly relies on the depth of the required care. It is a treatment that causes little or no pain. The majority of patients are able to drive themselves home right away. A bandage or surgical dressing is applied to the earlobes after surgery to avoid infection, reduce swelling and bruising, and preserve the new form. After the treatment, the dressing must be left on the earlobes for a few days.

There is no downtime necessary for earlobe repair. Most patients are nearly immediately able to resume their regular activities. However, the first few days after earlobe restoration there could be some slight pain, edoema, or discomfort. Analgesics can be used to treat pain.

The ear lobes won't totally mend until 4 to 6 weeks after the edoema has completely subsided. After the healing is finished, one can see the ultimate results. The earlobes will have a 'normal' contour and appear symmetrical and natural. Scarring is typically not severe.

If desired, the ears can be re-pierced in two to three months. However, the earlobes that have been restored typically have less strength than they did before, making them more prone to tearing. Smaller earrings are advised instead of excessively massive or heavy ones because of this. In the future, it's possible that a revision procedure will be required.

Ear Lobe Correction in Ahmedabad

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